Hiring Heroes

There are limitless ways to set the stage for job creation opportunities. This is where we celebrate those who create employment by striking out in new directions to build businesses, expand businesses or change the direction of a business.

220,000 Jobs Waiting to Happen

ABC News reported that Anders Lewendal, economist turned builder, is constructing a house in Bozeman Montana made entirely from American-made products.  Lewendal is convinced that if every builder bought just 5% more American materials it would create 220,000 jobs. And here's more good news.  The all-American home would cost almost the same as a home sourced by foreign manufacturers.  Just 1% to 2% more. Three cheers for Anders Lewendal.

Overseas Jobs Coming Home

"It's still only a trickle but some American businesses are bringing jobs home again," reports CNN. In Louisville, a closed GE appliance plant has been renovated to produce refrigerators and water heaters now being made overseas.  Plans are in the works to hire as many as 1,300 workers. NCR plans to add 370 employees to build products formerly produced overseas.  Carbonite, a computer back-up firm, is bringing 150 call center jobs back from India. Three cheers for all of you who are making it happen.

Made for China In America

In the small town of Americus in the state of Georgia, a new company is manufacturing, believe it or not, chopsticks for export to China.  Turns out that local sweet gum and poplar trees make perfect chopsticks.  Most chopsticks still are made where you'd expect — but they are running out of wood. Georgia Chopsticks opened late last year and now employs 57 people. Plans are in place to hire a hundred more by the end of the year.