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"All Americans are in this economic crisis together and we can only get ourselves out of it by working together. UhireU.S. can make a real difference, both in increasing employment and making all of us more optimistic about the future. I hope American business owners and managers will join me in supporting the goals and actions of the UhireU.S. initiative. If enough of us hire someone we can turn this thing around and grow the economy, so hire someone if you can—I am."
- President Bill Clinton

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Restore our nation’s can-do heritage by helping put a million Americans back to work—starting on National Jobs Day, 2012, and in the months that follow.  All it takes is for enough business owners and managers to hire one or more of the jobless.   Do your part.  Make a commitment to hire someone. Not just anyone, but someone who can impact your firm's growth. Do it now.  Do it by pledging here.


By taking a minimal business risk, you can save our country from the huge risk of continued economic stagnation.  We believe it’s time for business leaders to do what they are best positioned to do—invest in putting the country back to work.  You can prove again that when the going gets tough, Americans get going.


Why a million jobs?  Because it's meaningful. Because it’s doable.  Because we can prosper only when there are enough of us with money to spend.  Because a burst of hiring produces a surge in confidence and a better economy for every business.  With America’s standing on the line, your hiring pledge is needed now.  Click here.